Besides the great look and functionality, what are other reasons to get this mobile solution for my website?

Well, the best news of all is that we also developed a method to connect with Google's new SEO mobile search engine. Google has made some recent changes in its SEO content and has now started separating mobile content from standard web content. What this means to you is that if you have our mobile app technology on your website, then you have a huge added "weight" advantage over your other competing practices. Now when Google delivers content and they see it is a mobile user, and you have this mobile solution, you will be ahead of the pack in the search results with our SEO strategy.

Think of it like this, there are about 5 mobile devices for every computer in the world, and if you have this solution then you will be able to stand ahead of the pack. If you can remember back to when your competitor's were growing their practice and you couldn't figure out why. Well it was the fact that you did not have a website and they did. As a result of their leveraging technology when you were not, they were able to capture vital patient activity from the web. Now, you are on the forefront of something on a much larger scale by getting this mobile app for your website.

How is this different from a standard mobile website or why do I absolutely need this?

Mobile websites are generally stripped down versions of your website content through an automated process, they are optimized to display fast on mobile phones, however to the human eye generally not attractive and not custom. We know because we used to build them several years back until our recent discovering of our mobile app technology. Also, not to be confused with our technology, are mobile friendly add ons or plug ins that try to attempt to display your website on a mobile. Some web providers may attempt offer these to you as a solution, but in actuality they are very limited in functionality and inferior from a aesthetics standpoint also. We know that you want only the best and that's what we deliver. We have seen it all and took the best features of mobile development and combined them into the best package for your dental or plastic surgery practices app.

In addition, ours also communicate directly with Googles mobile search engine indexing and helps to increase your SEO dramatically by adding "weight" to your website for users searching keywords on their mobile. Google loves to see your website with a mobile app solution simply because they know then when they deliver your website in the top results to a mobile user, they will be very pleased with the fabulous and appropriate content you deliver to their specific device. This is what will help you stand out from your other competing practices.

We are Apple developers at heart, and are very well versed with making high quality apps. However we not only love Apple, but also all of the manufactures out there (Blackbery, Nokia, Droid, HTC) you name it, if its mobile and cutting edge, we love it!. With that frame of mind, we set our goals extremly high to make a change and do something different by taking our professional app technology and knowledge from the app stores to the web. We wanted to eliminate device specific requirements and eliminate having to download and install these solutions. Finally, after about 2 years of research we figured out a special formula that allowed us to replace standard mobile websites with what looks to be a native high quality app, but it works on all mobile devices. The look, feel, and features were still maintained and it delivers your website in the utmost highest quality showcase possible. We know that dentists are all about technology and aeshetics, so we kept that in mind when we polished the final design for your practice.


Will it work with my website and the people that host/support it?

Yes, absolutely. .Top

Do I need to change my existing website for this?

No, you don't have to change a thing.Top

LSo will this work on all mobile phones, even the most recent/current ones?
Yes, we are constantly keeping up with all new mobile devices to insure that they are compatible with the latest hardward and software on these phones, so no worries. Top
Once I pay for you to custom build this, are there any other monthly fees or service fees?
Yes, we house, manage, backup, and deliver the mobile app technology for you. There is a monthly servicing cost generally between $24.99-$49.99 depending on what features and packages you choose. We have 99.9% uptime on our highly efficient and robust servers.Top
How long does it take from start to finish to get my mobile app for my practices?
Once you have completed the sign up form and made payment, we will get your mobile app up and running within approx 14 working days(about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks).


I How do you guys decide what content to use and do we have to do anything to get content to you?
If you already have an existing website then we should have everything we need..Top
I already have a website, but need to update it and change it to make it look more modern. Do you also build websites?
Absolutely, and it is common for our clients to have us also build a new website simultaneously with the mobile app. Plus we can generally offer a good discount package for both because we will have a lot of the elements (graphics, wording, navigation, etc) to use on each platform which will save us time and you money. So please be sure to ask about this also if you are interested and we will surely accommodate you..Top

No, you don't have to change a thing.Top

This looks great and sounds amazing. I always want the latest technology, how did you figured out how to make this so effective and applicable to my practices?
The funny thing is, that our R&D team is actually a group of dentist whom have helped to provide precise input and advice, so that we are continually able to provide the best technology and most effective solutions with our mobile app.



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