Benefits for your practice

We deliver the highest quality, most advanced mobile solution avaiable on the market today. We build upon the best and make it even better. We are confident that you will agree, please read more.

Our mobile solution works with all mobiles and there is nothing to download. We have designed it to be compatible with your existing website, and there are not required modifications to your structure. The solution is automatically delivered to your patients by just visting your website on their mobiles. Our iDetect feature will detect over 80 different mobile devices, and that list continues to grow for each and every new mobile out on the market it today. One of the biggest advantages is that Google now has separate optimization for mobile solutions. This means that if a user is on their mobile and they search for a dentist or plastic surgeon in your area, you will have the advantage over the competition because we creatively communicate the iApp coding to good for excellent SEO (search engine optimization) results. This can be a huge advantage if your practice is in a highly competitive market.

We are in constant communication with dentist and plastic surgeons, as they are part of our development team. This follows us in every direction that we go and every additional feature that is created. This is very important and helps us to determine niches for you to benefit from greatly. We develop from experience and input from these resources If we don't have it, it is because it doesn't work, there are many great ideas but the ones that succeed are all you need.

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Why Choose Us

We specialize in mobile web solutions for practices. We work only with specialized doctors in your field to develop from the ground floor up. We are developers and have a team of doctors on board for our research and development. This insures that we get it right and give you the benefits of our knowledge.

Our mobile solution for your practice, will allow you to reach a fresh new market of untouched mobile users that are actively searching for your service. This will also give your existing patients direct access to your practice, services, and allow them to view all of your procedures in the palm of their hands. They can now access you from anywhere at anytime. The doctors using this product for their offices also have found that it is an excellent conversational piece for patients. Once they hear that you are on their mobile, they know that you are with them every step fo the way.

See the benefits of our mobile solution and start today!
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Hear what other doctors are saying about the iApp for their offices...


“...This has far exceeded my expectations, and my patients love it. Excellent conversational piece for evey patient when they come in. Allows me to open the door to new discussion about other services we provide.

The best thing is that we are now accessible to every patient no matter where they go. Literally at the touch of their fingers in the palms of their hands...”Dr. Stegner

“...We have found that there are many benefits, but the most important one is that we are now increasing traffic because on the mobile side of things we have separated ourselves with Google because they add weight to our ranking because we have a mobile solution. When users are on their mobiles, we are now separated from the pack....”Dr. Franklin

“...Even in our waiting room, we see patients enjoying the iApp as they learn about our treatments. I even had a patient book an appointment while they were waiting for one they had that day, very impressive..

Our office always has to have the latest and greatest, and this is by far most advanced we offer to our patients. In addition, it has increased our patient traffic tremendously....”Dr. Kromstain

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